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Robert Jacobs USAW PICP MA

Born and raised in Kennesaw, Georgia Rob has spent 17 years as a strength and conditioning coach.  He has worked with NCAA Division 1 athletes, professional athletes, physique competitors, actors and fitness enthusiasts specializing in high performance training through hard work and proper supplementation coupled with nutrition. He holds multiple certifications studying directly under Charles Poliquin, and other acclaimed coaches like Andre Benoit, Boris Sheiko and Jud Logan.  He holds a USA Weightlifting level 1 Club Coach and Sports Performance Coach credentials, as well as being specialized in Charles Poliquin’s Metabolic Analytics (comprehensive metabolic profiling).  Throughout his time coaching, Robert has also spent time as a head coach for Track and Field events like the Hurdles, Triple Jump, and Long Jump.

Coach Robert


Robert is currently an active strongman competitor who has competed at the USS National Championships.  He takes pride in teaching his clients to embrace strength training as part of their life, showing people efficient hard work and understanding your hormonal profile can lead to leaner, happier bodies!  Don’t be fooled by this grizzly exterior, Rob is a star wars enthusiast who likes to spend his free time eating his way through Atlanta’s Mexican food and teaching his golden doodle new tricks.


He takes his motto from a world renowned exercise scientists Dietmar Schmidtbleicher: “Strength is the mother of all qualities.”