The Rack Athletic Performance Center

1824 Briarwood Industrial Crt. NE STE 2
Atlanta, GA 30329


Mon - Fri: 5:30am-7:00pm

Sat - Sun: 9:00am-3:00pm


$20 Day Pass

Post-Injury and Post Physical Therapy

After an injury or surgery, physical therapy is an excellent resource to help regain activities of daily living. However, there is a gap between ending physical therapy and returning to high level activity. We bridge that gap by discussing your care with your therapist, doctor and/or coach, to get you back to the playing field quickly.


  • Individual attention from highly skilled coaches

  • Custom made program made by our Athletic Trainer

  • Focus on proper technique and injury prevention

  • Personalized progression that will get you results

  • Evidence based orthopedic surgery rehab protocols

  • Increased confidence when returning to play

  • Return to your sport quickly, and stronger than before the injury

What Strength Means To You

October 15, 2018

Half Kneeling T-Spine Rotation

October 4, 2018

Occlusion Training

September 25, 2018

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