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September 25, 2018

September 25, 2018

September 10, 2018

September 10, 2018

September 10, 2018

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Posterior Strength Curve

September 25, 2018

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Tricep Pushdown Variations

Tricep Pushdown Variations :

            - The tricep pushdown is a staple in any training program to increase blood flow and strength into the area. Being that this exercise is a favorite of many, here are three different variations that a person can utilize to create variety in their training program.


1) Rope Pushdown : To prep for this movement, the individual would stand facing a high pulley and grab the rope attachment with closed hands with a neutral grip. The elbow positioning will be tucked into the person’s side. The execution will begin by extending the arms down which will result in extension of the elbow. By turning the palms out at the bottom of the movement, the highest point of the concentric portion of the contraction will occur. The individual will then return the arms to the original positioning that started the movement. This is an isolation movement that targets the triceps brachii.

  • Make sure to pack your scapula back and stand upright throughout the movement.

  • Allow the elbow to travel into full flexion and extension to achieve the best contraction in the tricep.


2) Fat Bar : By using a fat bar to perform pushdowns, you will be able to push and challenge the grip and stabilizer muscles more than if you were using a regular thin straight bar. Using a fat bar for training can also take stress off of muscles and joints that tend to be overworked because the weight gets dispersed over a larger area. By using this bar, you can work around aches and pains such as elbow tendonitis which can begin to occur with training. The fat bar will work the lower portion of the tricep which inserts into the elbow.

  • strengthening the lower portion of the tricep will assist in strengthening your lockout on all of the pressing movements in a training program.

  • By not fully gripping the bar, you will strengthen the muscles of the forearms which will equate to better grip strength.


3) Underhand D-Handle (single arm) : This is considered a unilateral movement which focuses on one arm at a time. To begin the movement, you would start with your forearms just above parallel with the floor. Keep the elbow tucked and close to your side. The execution of the movement would begin by fully extending your elbow and contracting your tricep before returning to the starting position. Once all repetitions are done on one side, you would switch to the other arm and follow the same guidelines. Your shoulders should not round throughout the movement and the scapula should remained packed back.

  • This movement focuses on the medial head of the tricep.

  • By performing this movement unilaterally, you will be able to focus on one arm at a time which could reduce the possibility of imbalances. 



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