The Programming

There are many different ways to become a part of The Rack Athletic Performance Center. We offer multiple programs for anyone willing to commit the time.​ As you progress through a chosen program you will earn your progression to excel in your sport and life.​
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One on One

One on one coaching is recommended for all of our new clients and athletes. First we will utilize testing procedures like the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to form a workout plan that’s personalized to you and your goals.

- Individual attention from highly skilled coaches
- Focus on proper technique and injury prevention
- Personalized plan that will get you results

Small Group

Experience our on boarding process and learn how to read your training program. Understand the basics of lifting and proper weight room etiquette. Before Jumping into small group, 3 one on one coaching sessions will be completed to help dial you in and prep you for small group coaching. With small group coaching, you can train with 2-4 people at The Rack.

Your coach will:
- Help you understand your personal program
- Teach you the most effective exercises to reach your goals
- Assess and adjust your training as you push forward
- Unite & motivate your group to earn your progression​

Athlete Group Coaching

Commit. Progress. Excel. Choose a 1-3 month commitment plan and progress through your training process and excel in your sport.

Sports Performance Programs include:
- Functional Movement Screen
- Sport specific assessment
- Corrective movements for impairments or asymmetries
- Stability and mobility
- Core stability, strength and power
- Select Upper/Lower body exercises
- Teaching first step quickness
- Speed mechanics and acceleration
- Building crossover mechanics
- Agility training10-20 yd speed work
- 60-90 minute group setting

Post-Injury and Post Physical Therapy

After an injury or surgery, physical therapy is an excellent resource to help regain activities of daily living. However, there is a gap between ending physical therapy and returning to high level activity. We bridge that gap by discussing your care with your therapist, doctor and/or coach, to get you back to the playing field quickly.

- Individual attention from highly skilled coaches
- Custom made program made by our Athletic Trainer
- Focus on proper technique and injury prevention
- Personalized progression that will get you results
- Evidence based orthopedic surgery rehab protocols
- Increased confidence when returning to play
- Return to your sport quickly, and stronger than before the injury

The Rack Barbell Club

The fundamental goal of the Rack Barbell Club is to have fun while establishing an environment for the two greatest sports ever conceived by humans, Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. The Club is reserved for Weightlifters and Powerlifters that actively compete at local, regional, and national level meets. Our Barbell Club is a unified, growing team dedicated to helping all of our athletes excel.
Access and Discounted Monthly Membership
Discounts on quality Powerlifting / Weightlifting accessories
Team camaraderie at meets
Powerlifting and Weightlifting coaches
Competition-level equipment
Wide variety of barbells and accessory possibilities

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