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Our coaches and owners have experience working with professional, collegiate, and high school athletes, olympians, members of the armed forces, and fitness competitors. Anyone that comes through our doors can become a better version of themselves with our coaching staff. The attention to detail provided to our members is much more specific then our competitors. We are excited to get to know each member, their training goals, and how we can help them achieve that. Not only is our gym a place to train and better our members, it also a place with a positive attitude and a friendly environment. We intend to create a social connection for friends and family to feel welcome and a part of our two families. Our facility will always stand by strong ethical and moral values. Our clients are members of our family, and we will do everything we can to ensure you have a quality experience with every visit.
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Ed Miller

Ed founded The Rack in 2016. He has a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science, and holds a certification from ACSM and the NSCA. He has been in the personal training field for nearly 10 years around the Atlanta area. In addition to his work with his clientele, he is an accomplished competitive bodybuilder, recently winning the Welterweight Championship at the All South Classic in St. Augustine, FL. Ed has worked with a variety of clients, ranging from first time lifters to NBA players. Since entering the field, Ed has wanted to own a training facility, so that he can ensure that his athletes have the best training in the best environment possible.

Rob JAcobs

International Lecturer/Coach and Published author. Robert C has spent the last 19 years as a strength and conditioning coach; coaching NCAA Division 1 athletes , professional athletes, physique competitors, strongman competitors, fighters, actors and fitness enthusiasts.  Robert has worked with a diverse range of athletes; coaching Olympians and medalists in the sports of Soccer and Judo, title holders in MMA, National Champions in Track & Field, and NFl athletes from the Bengals, Giants and Vikings. Robert has been coached privately by the late Charles Poliquin, as well as Andre Benoit and Derek Woodske.  He has spent years studying directly under Charles  and other acclaimed coaches like Loren Seagrave (Track & Field), Boris Sheiko (powerlifting) Jud Logan (Track & Field), and Dr Robert Silverman (functional medicine).  He specializes in optimizing performance using a wide range of tools: light therapy, acupressure, soft tissue modalities, neurotransmitter profiling, DNA testing, and optimizing hormonal profiles through nutrition and supplementation. Throughout his time coaching, Robert has also spent time as a head coach for Track and Field events like the Hurdles, Triple Jump, and Long Jump. Robert is currently an active strongman competitor who has competed at the USS National Championships.

Zach Bettis

Zach completed his Masters from Southern Utah University in Sports Conditioning and Performance. He also holds a BS in Exercise Science from the University of North Georgia. While completing his undergraduate work, Zach served as an assistant Performance Coach for the University of North Georgia. He serviced the athletes at UNG across all sports, while also leading the cross-country team in performance development. He completed an internship with EXOS as a Performance Specialist, where he worked with professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and tactical military personnel. Being a former player, Zach has spent a lot of time with baseball and softball athletes across all levels, but enjoys working with a diverse group of clients. Zach has also become popular with runners in the Atlanta area being deemed the ‘running or runner’s strength coach.’ Zach currently holds certifications as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Level 1 USA Weightlifting coach, FMS, and EXOS performance specialist.

Jermaine Hough Jr


Jermaine “Jr” graduated from Jacksonville State University with Cum Laude honors and was selected as the Student Speaker for the Department of Exercise Science. While finishing his undergraduate, he completed an internship under Robert C. Jacobs and has been studying under him since. Jermaine has been working in the Atlanta area the past few years gaining experience in group and personal training of all genders and ages. His foundation is focused on improving strength and mobility through a full range of motion through science-based programming. As a former 3x All-American defensive back at Jax. State and Region 4A Defensive player of the year 2011 in GA, Jermaine has also spent time working with NFL, collegiate, and high school athletes addressing efficient movement patterns. Jermaine is committed to bringing all aspects of a healthy lifestyle together, whether it be physical, nutritional, mental, or social.

“Take it one day at a time and strive to create the best version of yourself.”

Kalil Sherrod

Kalil is a Westside Barbell Personal Trainer and Athletic Coach with over seven years of experience, working with athletes ranging from grade school to the professional level. He has worked as a highschool basketball coach, skills coach, and Strength Coach. His expertise is in working with basketball players based on his experience as a player. Kalil played Division II basketball at Villa Maria College and played professional basketball for the Jamestown Jackals. Kalil is also the Host of The Get Clean Podcast.

"Don't be afraid to fail or look like a fool. These are necessary milestones on your way to the top.” - Louie Simmons

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